Other’s Day – the 4th Sunday in May

by Jan Yuill

Apparently, May 22, 2016 is Other’s Day. I found the Facebook page for it today, and now I am not able to find the link back to it! It was a page devoted to women, who have lost their mothers early in life, and who have had other women fill that gap in their lives.

Other's Day ImageIt’s OK that I am not able to find the page because I think Other’s Day should include ANYONE who has lost a parent early in life (or even later in life?), and who have had an other man or woman step into that parent role for them. And I think we should celebrate those Others, as much as we celebrate biological, step-, and adopted parents.

I say this because, as a teenaged girl, I lost my father. He was killed by a drunk driver as he walked on the sidewalk, while on a business tip in England… a long time ago. He missed the graduations of his four children, our weddings, and the births of his grands and great-grands.

No one “other’ed” me. That is, no one filled the gap that my father’s death left in my life. But there are lots of people who have had a teacher, minister, relative, or a friends’ father step up to the plate. Fathering a girl, as an Other, I realize, is not an easy role to take on. It has potential for many misunderstandings.

Have you had an Other in your life? Does it make sense to have a day to acknowledge them? How would you do that? I’ve created a Facebook page for tributes to these men and women –


Perhaps you just acknowledge your Other on Mother’s or Father’s day?

Since it’s a brand new page, your “like” of the page and sharing on your timeline would be much appreciated.

Send me a message here or from the Facebook page, if you have comments or suggestions for the page or about the day itself.


photo credit: Poppy and Reese via photopin (license)

P.S. The Canadian long weekend in May, is the weekend that my father died. (I suppose that is why the “lost Facebook page” caught my attention. It seemed right to expand on the day. And make it a tribute to my dad.)