The Memory Jar: An Alternative to Journalling and Blogging

by Jan Yuill

Many of you know that my daughter and I started an annual goal-setting ritual in 2004. Over the years, I have told many people the story about how it got started, particularly in workshops where the subject of goal-setting comes up.

Yesterday, I found Pinterest and this great idea for doing a year-end review. The example in the article is a personal application, and suggests stashing notes of quotable quotes and “happenings” over the year into a jar, for “debriefing” somewhere around December 31st. But you could place it on your desk, and add notes about events, accomplishments, and milestones that are work-related as well.

If you find journalling tedious or blogging “too public,” the Memory Jar holds great possibilities. You could also stash the year’s goals in there, to compare to what actually happened.