The One-Page Book: Now There’s an Idea!

by Jan Yuill

Many of you know that I am a Seth Godin fan. Not because I subscribe to everything he says, but because he dares to freely share his wild ideas and vague musings. Also, I love his vision for the New Dynamics of Book Publishing.

Today I received this Domino Project update about the idea of the One-Page Book, a term that Jess Bachman uses to describe his new book, Death & Taxes.

Now, as a writer (or would-be writer) this caught my attention. I have written lots of one-page books! But then I thought, ah… isn’t this called a… poster? Or, more popular lately, an infographic?

Anyway. Thanks, Jess, for the reframe. And, Seth, for telling us about it. I think I’m going to go look through my files.

Do you have any one-page books to share?