Twitter: It’s Just a Tool

by Jan Yuill

I have been studying the process of creating and sharing videos online for a while. This one is my first and I share it with some trepidation! It’s all of 5-minutes long, and uses a PowerPoint presentation with narration. It was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend earlier this week. We had been talking about social media and how it is changing the networking and business landscape, and how just having accounts created does not make them work. Much more is required. Naturally, the conversation went to the Organizations Alive! Model to describe the “much more that is required.”

I hope you like the video. What do you think?

Postscript: June 17, 2011
It was the “back and forth” between the resource (Twitter) and the purposes, customers, and members that is the “take away” for me. Thank you.
Posted by William LeGray on the LinkedIn Organizations Alive! Forum (open group)