Obese Man Looking for Pool Access

by Jan Yuill

I was touched to hear about this interview on CBC’s The Current.

An obese man has advertised on Kijiji to gain access to a private pool in exchange for routine maintenance. He loves to swim, but would like to do it privately.

Why am I touched by it?

  • He knows what he wants and needs, and is actively pursuing it! Private, enjoyable exercise. (Why does someone’s passion for something stir others up?)
  • He is so open about his circumstances. (Going public on a very personal matter requires courage!)
  • He is looking for a creative solution. (Most people would not think of bartering for something like this. Don’t you love it when someone comes up with a different approach?)
  • He is looking for a win-win arrangement. (Offering pool maintenance will benefit the pool owners as well. His goal is self-serving, but so unselfish!)

But he’s probably going to get more than he is bartering for…

  • This is a double-wammy exercise routine… swimming and physical labour. (Imagine how his appearance will change by the end of summer.)
  • He and the pool owners will probably become good friends. (Who wouldn’t like someone who cleaned their pool for free?)
  • He’ll probably inspire many to go after their goals. (He has already inspired me.)
  • He’ll probably become rich and famous. (Someone will probably buy the movie rights to the story.  I hope so.)

Check the CBC site to hear the interview.