Dog Breeds, CEOs, pi, and Tony Robbins

by Jan Yuill

Someone once told me that when you experience synchronicity (events that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality), it means that “the magician” is near. I am not sure what that actually means, but there are lots of rabbits being pulled out of the hat these days for me …

1. As I prepare to have my mother come to live with us, I am in complete decluttering-sorting-redecorating-mode this summer. I have been eyeing the 12″ of shelf space in my office, that is occupied by Tony Robbins’ Personal Power II cassette tapes, and thinking about putting that space to better use. I haven’t listened to those tapes in years! On the ODNET listserv yesterday, someone asks what others think about Tony Robbins. Huh?

2. In less than 14 hours, two people have spoken (one, to me; the other, in a radio interview) about the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle (a.k.a. pi). One was determining the amount of maple syrup she might get from the maple tree in her yard. The other was trying to determine how much space the tree in her yard would take up once they cut it down. When was the last time you used pi? Or talked about it? Me? Probably not since high school.

3. Again on the ODNET listserv, someone shares an article on “What Breed is your CEO?” (sorry I don’t have the link for that one). Meanwhile, elsewhere in cyberspace, members of a LinkedIn group are talking about the veterinarian who describes online MBTI results using breeds of dogs –

Go figure.