Networking Idea – Trade a Favourite Book!

by Jan Yuill

For some reason Seth Godin’s blog posting of April 25, 2010 – Empty your Library – has been playing on my mind. In this posting he suggests finding someone you care about, giving them your favourite book, and insisting that they read it. “Do it with all the books that have changed you, regardless of author or age. They’re not earning interest unless people are reading them. Ideas that spread, win,” he says.

At our local OD Network’s Annual General Meeting this past week we brainstormed on events for the coming year, and this morning it hit me …

Why not have everyone bring a favourite book, of personal or professional interest, and trade it with someone at a networking event? Make it a mixer exercise to introduce people and warm things up. Or make it the main event, and have each person introduce themselves, their book, and why they enjoyed it so much. Then barter for it, bid on it, or receive it as a gift. Or turn it into a riotous party game, where each person, in turn, receives a book as a gift … but alternatively could snatch one they liked better from someone else.