Twitter, WordPress, and LinkedIn Synapses

by Jan Yuill

Well, I finally took the leap and connected my Twitter, WordPress, and LinkedIn accounts. All three of these networking tools have left me overwhelmed at times. Which one will I update today? Should I just copy and paste the same postings to each one? (Who has the time for that?) Do I want my networking accounts to … ah, network with each other?

Having done this little bit of linking I feel somehow unburdened, even inspired. Perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll keep one-and-all up to date. Because it took me a little bit of too-ing and fro-ing between sites, I am sharing the how-to’s here:

  1. You will need to have a WordPress blog –
  2. You will need to have a Twitter account – 
  3. You will need to have a LinkedIn account – 
  4. To connect your WordPress blog to Twitter – – so that when you publish a new blog posting it will appear as a Tweet in Twitter.
  5. To connect your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress blog and Twitter accounts go to – – and click on WordPress or Tweet to add the application. Once you have followed the directions for each, new blog postings and tweets can appear on your profile.
  6. To add your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress blog or website go to – – to add a link on your blog or site to your LinkedIn profile.
  7. Once you have added your Twitter account to your WordPress blog and LinkedIn accounts, you can check or change your settings by logging in to your Twitter account. Click on Settings in the upper right corner, and then on Connections. You should see the WordPress and LinkedIn icons. Click on each to check or change them.
  8. Remember to keep the content in each account (Twitter, WordPress, and LinkedIn) up-to-date. The more consistent the message between them the better.

But now that they are connected, the more consistent they will be!