The Leadership Bow

by Jan Yuill

Today KATHLEEN HARRIS, of Sun Media, writes about Bob Rae bowing out of the Liberal leadership race, and offering his support to Michael Ignatieff. His reason for doing so? To unite behind the frontrunner. He is quoted as saying, “I know Michael Ignatieff to be a person of wisdom and to be a person of generosity. He will make a great prime minister.”

My ear is always tuned for examples of great leadership. I believe that great leadership is more about character than skill. I do not believe that a great leader is taught from a textbook or in a classroom. It is a personal decision, and it takes a life-time of learning, humility, vision, and commitment to ‘be’ one. Leadership is walking the high road. And no one can put you on the high road … but you.

Thank you, Mr. Rae, for taking the high road.

* Looking through the Organizations Alive! lens …

The Membership Potential quadrant is about personal motivation. Mr. Rae’s decision is very personal. 

When he speaks so highly of his colleage, Mr. Ignatieff, he is at the interface between Membership Potential and Customer Service. That kind of communication is relationship-building.

When he articulates his reasons and how they are meant to move the agenda forward, he is at the Membership Potential and Strategic Vision interface, breathing life and momentum into the vision of the party.