In the Driver’s Seat

by Jan Yuill

Thanks, Dan, for your Drivers and Passengers and Other Leadership Lessons post about the book you were reading – “Monday Morning Leadership, 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss,” by David Cottrell. I am going to quote you quoting him …

… passengers are free to do a lot of things the driver can’t do. As a driver, your focus needs to be on the road and not on the distractions. As a driver, you no longer have the right to ‘mess around’ – like listening to loud music – even though it seems OK to do that as a passenger.

The same principle applies when you become a leader. You’re no longer just a passenger; you become the driver. Even though your responsibilities increase when you become a manager, you lose some of the rights or freedoms you may have enjoyed in the past.

For instance … if you want to be successful as a leader, you don’t have the right to join employee ‘pity parties’ and talk about upper management. You lose the right to blame others for a problem in your department when you are the manager and leader. You are the person responsible for everything that happens in your department, and that can be pretty hard to swallow.”

Good words!