Ah, yes … SMART Objectives

by Jan Yuill

“SMART job objectives to guide staff performance is growing in both public and private sector organizations,” says Randy Thomas in his blog, Consulting Tips and Tools.

Interestingly, I have been writing about SMART objectives lately too. They are the kick-off to the second chapter of Yuill’s Tools (which is under construction!). The SMART mnemonic has been around for a long time to help people write meaningful objectives … even though this skill continues to challenge most people. For many, it is a meaningless activity on the list of Things To Do. For others, it is a stress-filled job requirement, where they are measured on how well they are able to pluck ideas out of the sky.

We need a way to think through the possibilities!

Yuill’s Tools identifies the Nine Kinds of Goals that powerfully drive the organizational agenda. Topics like succession planning, change strategies, the learning culture, orientation and training, career development, effective meetings, etc. etc. are all influenced and impacted  by the objectives that are set. But without a logical way of thinking through the possibilites for moving the agenda forward, the exercise is often … well … just an exercise.

Stay tuned! There will be more about using Yuill’s Tools to develop objectives!

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