Rosabeth’s Simple Gesture

by Jan Yuill

Now is the time for a magnanimous but totally basic gesture. It is simple and free, and will lift your spirits too. It is so simple that as a ‘sophisticated’ Harvard Business School expert, I am almost reluctant to mention it. But it works.”

I was touched to read Moss-Kanter’s words on boosting morale, not just because they are true, but because of the next Yuill’s Tools chapter that I am writing. I have been warning the people who have signed up for the next Book and Breakfast event on December 19th, that this chapter is shorter and gentler, than the two before.

Are we ready for simple gestures? Are we willing to consider the gentler? I am not sure, but the people who join me on the 19th will have a bit of a surprise.

The times they are a changin.’