Organizations on a Pilgrimage

by Jan Yuill

I listened to a captivating interview with Arthur Paul Boers yesterday. He wrote, ‘The Way is Made by Walking’ – The link to the interview is –

He had some wonderful insights about:

  1. missing what is important by being too much in a hurry,
  2. how commitment to others (in marriage, family, community, organizations) is our way to growth (and perhaps, our only way to real growth), and
  3. how a pilgrimage engages the spirit, mind, heart, and body – and gets them all moving in the same direction.

How many organizations are in so much of a hurry that they are missing what is important?

How many organizations are flailing or failing because they do not recognize or value the commitment, loyalty, and trust of its members?

How many organizations recognize the importance of synchronicity in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical realms?

I highly recommend listening to the interview for those of you on a personal prilgrimage, and for those of you walking with organizations on theirs!