Death Brings Life

by Jan Yuill

A wise person said today, “Our faith is tested by death.”

These words are clinging to me.

Indeed, through Lent, I walked an uncertain path, wondering what was at the end of it for me, and the Organizations Alive! work. It has been a time of … grieving (there is no other word to describe these past 40 days). I was putting to death the what-has-been.

Now, that I am on the other side, I am beginning to realize that it was necessary in order to make way for the what-could-be. I have planted many seeds since 2003, when the book was written. It makes no sense to focus on those seeds any longer. They must die. And I am trusting that new life will emerge. This is a test of my faith. What will grow up in its place?

The Organizations Alive! work is a lively and living thing. I have never questioned that. But as I go through this phase, this passing into a more mature state, I realize that I must give way to the new thing it is becoming. I must trust. To do anything else, is to stifle its potential.