Shout it out!

by Jan Yuill

Lent is over.

It ended with a seder dinner! A first for me!

The seder dinner is a “Jewish … ceremonial dinner held on the first or first and second evenings of the Passover in commemoration of the exodus from Egypt” (

It was a symbolic and meaningful ending to my 40 day ‘watch’ (see the last posting). There was one part of the ceremony that particularly touched me …

At one point during the dinner, a child is asked to go to the door and shout out, “We are having dinner. If anyone is hungry, come in and join us!” (or words to that effect)

I don’t have a logical reason for why this touched me so. Was it the fact that an innocent (child) was asked to do it? Was it the idea of inviting strangers into an intimate gathering? Was it the eagerness to give and share? To feed the hungry? Meet a need? Was it the idea of standing on the doorstep and shouting out an invitation to the ‘world?’ Was it the boldness? The trust, faith, and willingness to welcome any passerby?

I think it holds some basic truths about boldly reaching out to others, meeting needs, welcoming strangers, and trusting the come-what-may.