The E-Myth Revisited (8th posting)

by Jan Yuill

Chapter 9 – Working on Your Business, not in It.

“Your business is not your life.”

“Great businesses are not built by extraordinary people but by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

“The job of your business is to develop … tools and to teach [others] how to use them.”

“Without documentation, all routinized work turns into exceptions.”

The take-away’s for me in this chapter were:

  1. The way you do your work is the process (or system, methods) of your enterprise.
  2. Customers develop confidence in a business when their experience of it is consistent. They come back when they know they will always get the same quality. (Remember McDonald’s?)
  3. Processes and systems must be documented in order for them to become the ‘norm.’ (And if you want quality to be the norm, then … document!)
  4. Documented processes and systems are the Operations Manual of the organization, which means that …
  5. Any ‘ordinary person’ can pick up the manual and follow the steps!

And this is where I began racing to finish the book. And where I got sidelined.

At first I was a bit put-off by the Operations Manual idea, but then I realized that …

  1. I had a computer full of itty-bitty reminders and To-Do’s for every tinsy-weensy little routine thing I do throughout the year! Everything from getting the books ready for the accountant at tax time, to what to bring for out-of-town travel, to how to plan a breakfast meeting for the Network of Organizations Alive! Practitioners!

    I had been attributing all these list to me not liking, or being good at, details, but now I realize that it was my Secret Operations Manual … in checklist form! Hey! I had a system!

  2. And the system was what freed me up to do the other stuff I really wanted to do!

These systems keep things running smoothly for me. They are keeping the business in good health. They are the life blood. I didn’t have to start over every time. They are the things that (soon) I will be able to hire others to do!

Ahhhh. I think a load has been lifted.

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