The E-Myth Revisited (11th posting)

by Jan Yuill

Chapters 13, 14, and 15 were a quick read, but loaded as well.

The things that stood out for me were:

  1. The Strategic Objective of a business is not about the product or the service being sold, but rather, about what the customer wants. It is stated as a feeling, which places it squarely in the Customer Service quadrant of the Organizations Alive! Model. Forget about what your business is all about (when thinking about the Strategic Objective), and speak to the customer and what he or she is all about.
  2. The Organizational Strategy takes the Operations Manual one step further. Once you know all your processes (i.e. how you do things), create an organization chart! If you are a one-person operation, CREATE AN ORGANIZATION CHART … and then go ahead and put your name in all the boxes! By doing this it helped me to see:

    -everything that I do as an organization, and not just ‘everything that I do.’

    -that I need help to get to the next level! Do I do all that? No wonder it feels like a montain of responsibility sometimes!

    -that when I am ready to bring on more help, I already have clear responsibilities for each task that needs to be done – i.e. it’s all in the Operations Manual.

Hey! I am further ahead than I thought when I started reading! And it feels very very good!

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