The E-Myth Revisited (10th posting)

by Jan Yuill

In Chapter 12, Gerber gets down to the nitty gritties of making it happen.

And he begins with you (me) and why you do what you do.

This chapter reminded of Covey’s First Habit – Begin with the End in Mind. I have taught dozens of Seven Habits courses as a qualified trainer. Returning to this message in the context of business was good.

Just exactly why am I doing this?
Am I creating what I intend to create?
Why this? And not something else?
Am I able to act with integrity? Is my work integrated with what I believe, what I love, what’s important to me?

I revisited these questions as I read this chapter. And I was encouraged to find that I am still on track. There is a reason I do not sell hamburgers. I need to do the work I am doing. It calls me.

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