Book: The E-Myth Revisited (6th Post)

by Jan Yuill

(I am now at Page 96 of The E-Myth Revisited.)

I have always believed that understanding organizations begins with an appreciation of their lively, organic nature. They are easier to understand as a living thing, than as a machine. And Gerber agrees! Hey, I am ‘listening’ again.

As an organism, they are very much like a person – with a name, a purpose, a life of their own, and intricately connected bodily functions or systems.

So in Chapter 8, he is talking about giving the “customer what he wants while maintaining control of the business that’s giving it to him.”

Eh? Did I miss something? The systems are the life of the organization?! He’s talking about Resource Management being the sustaining life force? Not being a great resource manager myself, this is a bit of a stretch.

But if I hang onto to the ‘organization is alive’ concept, then maybe he’s right! All of our bodily functions keep us going – digestion, breathing, nervous system, etc. etc. Our bodily functions are not who we are, but they are essential for life. And part of a healthy, balanced life is having those functions operating consistently, efficiently, and properly!

And he finishes the chapter by asking what is unique about your business and the way it operates that distinguishes it from all others. What is your unique system? Hmmmm.

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