Book: The E-Myth Revisited (4th Post)

by Jan Yuill

(I am still at the end of Chapter 6 of The E-Myth Revisited.)

And now Gerber is describing The Entrepreneurial Model. He describes it as fulfilling “the perceived needs of a specific segment of customers in an innovative way.”

He’s playing my song now. It is the Customer Service quadrant of the Organizations Alive! Model. And I bang the drum about customers’ wants, needs, emotions, perceptions, satisfaction, expectations, etc. etc. being a very critical factor for an organization’s success.

He says, “The Entrepreneurial Model does not start with a picture of the business to be created but of the customer for whom the business is to be created.”

In Organizations Alive! terminology, he is speaking about that tricky interface between Strategic Vision and Customer Service. It is the difference between saying “We do it all for you” and knowing intimately what ‘it’ is and who ‘you’ are. It is the difference between telling people what you do for them, and truly knowing and understanding what they want and need.

Gerber has some wonderful descriptors:

  • “within the customer is a continuing parade of changing wants begging to be satisfied”
  • “the world is a wonderful suprise … to The Entrepreneur”
  • “the world is a … treasure hunt to The Entrepreneur”

Is this what I have been doing? Have I been thinking of the customer parade? Have I been expecting wonderful surprises? Am I still going after the treasure? Or have I built a business out of what I think potential customers want and need?

I am anxious to get to Chapter 7.

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