Book: The E-Myth Revisited (3rd Post)

by Jan Yuill

Ah, yes, maturity. (I am now at the end of Chapter 6 of The E-Myth Revisited.)

I wasn’t prepared for what he had to say about the stage of maturity. These two thoughts stand out for me:

  • Maturity is not an inevitable result that follows the stages of infancy and adolescence.
  • Successful mature companies start as mature companies!

I said in the first posting about the book, that I think I have been working as Jan-the-Man(ager) for the past many months, and that this role has been a great learning curve for me. However, it also means that I have been working from my weakness.

My strengths? I think they are in the visioning, planning, and creating role, which is much more along the line of Gerber’s definition of The Entrepreneur.

So what’s been happening? For the past two years (since May 2005), I have had a very clear business plan and business model from which I have been working. It has felt very right and very purposeful. It has guided my behaviour in significant ways.

But I have also been known to say that I am going step-by-step, putting one foot in front of the other as I go, which is the work of The Manager and where I have been spending my time, money, and efforts.

I have not been operating as a mature, company! I have been operating in the trenches, rather than keeping my head up and my eyes forward! I have kept the business plan and model separate from the day-to-day efforts – as if the plan was just a wish and not really achievable! As if I believed that if I had a plan, and just worked very hard, then things would fall into place … eventually.


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