Book: The E-Myth Revisited (2nd Post)

by Jan Yuill

Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, writes about three stages of stages of business development:

  1. Infancy
  2. Adolescence
  3. Maturity

Based on his descriptions of these three stages, the Organizations Alive! business is its early adolescence. It has passed the stage of infancy, where everything needs to be done by the one who starts the business (i.e. me). It has grown beyond that, to the point where it is time to hand off some of the work to others with skills in areas other than my own. But I say ‘early adolescence.’ I am at the beginning of that process. It is time to decide what those functions are (i.e. that I can pass to others) and who will do them.

Now, I wonder what he has to say about maturity.

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