NTL’s Organization Development Certificate Program …

by Jan Yuill

… will be using the Organizations Alive! Model in its Diagnosing Organizations with Impact Course.

This course ‘facilitates participants in acquiring a clearer understanding of the concept of organization, learning about organizations as open systems, and seeing themselves as diagnosticians and consultants.’

The Organizations Alive! Model is one of several diagnostic models used by participants. Others models are:

  1. Richard Beckhard’s Goal, Role, Procedure/Practice, Interrelationship (GRPI) Model,
  2. Lee Bolman’s Four Frames Model,
  3. Marvin Weisbord’s Six-Box Model, and
  4. Arthur M. Freedman’s SWAMP Model of Sociotechnical Systems.

I have been a fan of NTL for a very long time. This is a great honour.