Seven More Reasons to Blog

by Jan Yuill

Many of you know how much I like to write, and that I consider this blog an important method of communicating and learning about organizations. Some of you know that I write entries to this blog daily … while I am waiting, walking, driving … in my mind. Oh, the things I write, that never get beyond a few scratches on my To Do List!

Oh, the difference between good intentions and actual follow through!

Oh, the difference between the talk and the walk!

Oh, the difference between Strategic Vision and Resource Management (in Organizations Alive! terminology) – between setting priorities and then actually doing something about them!

What makes a plan so ‘meaningful and important’ that it leads to action? And why do we allow things to muscle their way into our day, so that the ‘meaningful and important’ do not get done?

Well, I raised this question at the last Training Workshop in Calgary. And they insisted that it had to do with each person’s own reasons and motivations. Strategic Vision and Resource Management are on the task side of the model. People are on the other side. And I agree with them. The only way to make things happen is to have people put themselves into it.

As a worker, I bring my values, beliefs, goals, and passions to what I do (Membership Potential). If my own gumption is not enough to get me moving, then it may be the one I serve (Customer Service) that gets me out of my place of inaction. A customer in need can be a powerful force. Think of a crying baby in the middle of the night (if you dare think of your little cutie as a customer whom you serve!). You may not feel like ‘serving,’ but a persistant, demanding, desperate, … adorable person in need can be very convincing.

So when you ask yourself, “Why is the plan not getting done?” You may need to get personal about it and also ask yourself, “How important is it to me? How important is it to the other person? Does it make sense? Is it going to make a difference?”

And now I need to ask myself those same questions about blogging.

As a result of our Calgary Training Workshop earlier this month, the Network of Organizations Alive! Practitioners is now a national body.Yeah! Members in Ottawa see each other frequently through various networking events, but what about those who cannot make the commute? We are going to have to find new ways of keeping in touch. The Heartbeat … is one way.

Thanks Larry, Laurie, Tammy, Cathy, Lyle, Diane, and Sandy for seven more reasons to put ‘fingers to the keyboard!’