Goal-Setting – A Family Tradition

by Jan Yuill

In December 2004, I wrote down some goals that my daughter and I had talked about, on a scrappy piece of paper. I tucked them away with the Christmas tree decorations. It was her eighth Christmas.

When I opened the boxes of decorations in 2005, I found the list. I had completely forgotten about writing the goals, and was pleasantly surprised to discover how many ‘wishes’ had come true. It was like getting an encouraging note from a friend.

So I went to the dollar store after Christmas and bought a special book for the goals, and we each made a list of our own. I did not censor anything that she wrote. And once again, I tucked them away with the ornaments. It was her ninth Christmas.

Two of her goals were met in a completely unexpected and extraordinary way – almost immediately. One goal was to move to a new home. We moved six weeks later, having had no plans at the time she wrote the goal. The second goal was to improve an important friendship. Her friend called the next weekend and apologized to her about some very difficult things. Wow.

This year we went back to the dollar store for another book. We agreed that we both need our own. We wrote only on the right side of the page, so that we could make comments next year about each one, on the left hand side. It was her tenth Christmas.

Today, I tucked them away again, in anticipation for what this New Year will bring.