New Year’s Feast or Fast

by Jan Yuill

I once had the opportunity of sharing a friend’s traditional New Year’s Day family dinner – a delicious beans, rice, and onions mélange. There was little seasoning, and no accompanying vegetables, salad, or dessert. Just beans, rice, and onions. Not at all like the usual end-of-the-holidays-indulgences that I was used to. When I asked about this tradition, I was told that the beans and rice dish was always served on January 1st in their home as a reminder:

  1. to give thanks for all the blessings of the past year,
  2. to spend wisely in the year to come,
  3. to care for those less fortunate, and
  4. to keep things simple.

I wish you all a blessed, prosperous, and peaceful 2007. And don’t forget to say thank you, spend wisely, show compassion, and strive for simplicity!