Using PowerPoint to Create a Mind Map Presentation

by Jan Yuill

The versatility of using a PowerPoint slide show for sharing a mind map, had not really occurred to me until recently. Perhaps, this will be of some use to a few of you as well …

A colleague of mine had a report to prepare for a client, and was struggling with the best format to use. The client is a very visual, detailed person, but there was an extraordinary amount of information that could be incorporated into the presentation. And it did not make sense to reproduce all of the information for this preliminary step. My colleague just wanted to give her a lay of the land, so she could see that much of the work was already done, and it was just a matter of coordinating the parts that were important to this particular undertaking.

After kicking around a few ideas, we got onto the idea of using a PowerPoint presentation with linked text boxes to files and Internet (and Intranet) sites that contained the information for the report.

We spent a couple of hours working it through, and what we ended up with was a simple mind map, with links to all the information the client may want to consider in her approach to developing the program.

I thought some of you may find the method useful, so I created at mock-up presentation using the content from a recent discussion about print-on-demand publishers. E-mail me if you would like a copy of the presentation.

Notice that you can link to files, graphics, etc. on your computer, as wells as, live webpages if you have an internet connection when you make a presentation.

Thanks, Yvette, for the nudge to try this out! Another Resource Management tool to make things go more easily.