Why I Blog

by Jan Yuill

The subject of blogging is on my radar a lot lately.

Many of my colleagues do not have one, and I have been encouraging them to think seriously about it. It is not difficult ‘to blog’ and there are lots of good reasons to do it.

My BIG reasons are:

  1. I love to write. I like people. I am an introvert. It is one way of sharing and giving to others from my own quiet place.
  2. When I write only for myself, say, in a personal journal, I am often sloppy. After all, I know what I mean. Don’t I?

    But when I know that others are going to read my work, I become more accountable for what I say. It takes me longer to write in my blog, than in my personal journal, and because of this, I often discover something I did not know before I sat down to write. The more care I take in writing, the more is revealed to me about my intentions, use of words, thoughts, and feelings.

  3. Blogging is a way of creating mini articles in your field of expertise (and we all have fields of expertise!). You don’t have to wait for a publisher to like what you write. You become your own publisher …
  4. … and in so doing, you can create a bank of material that communicates what you believe, what you know, what you do, etc. etc. Some people have written books from the writings in their blogs. There could be gold in them hills!
  5. Sharing knowledge, insights, and ideas with others completes the learning loop. I have not fully learned something until I have shared it with someone else. Blogging provides a forum to do that.
  6. It is so easy and inexpensive. No more excuses for not knuckling down to it!
  7. You can reach the world with your thoughts and ideas. We are becoming a global society. Blogging can help breakdown walls, and build up understanding.

What are your reasons?