Brand Strength

by Jan Yuill

Kylie Charleston of said today at the monthly forum she does for her clients, “If the brand is strong enough, then the mistakes made my members of the organization will be more easily forgiven by customers.

“Kylie is my mentor and coach, and there were lots of other ‘take away’s’ in today’s session, but this is one to mull over a while.”If the brand is strong enough,” … meaning that customers know and ‘buy-into’ the intention and principles of the organization (the Strategic Vision and Customer Service interface) so much so, that when a member of the organization does not deliver to the usual standard, the customer is more likely to overlook the incident and remain loyal anyway.

‘Mistakes’ made by members of an organization greatly impact the relationships (and trust) they have with customers. In the Organizations Alive! model this is the Membership Potential and Customer Service interface, where the nature and quality of relationships are made.

Essentially, with a strong brand the customer’s knowledge and experience of the organization is positive enough to withstand the occasional mix-up or let-down.

That’s a powerful reason to build a clear corporate message. Not just a ‘blah, blah, blah, we’re the greatest‘ message, but sincere and clear communication that customers believe and experience. Because no relationship is perfect, and people do make mistakes.