Where is R+D?

by Jan Yuill

“Where is the Research and Development capacity in service organizations?” Ed Bernacki (www.wowgreatidea.com) asked me today.

He has a point. We expect to find an R+D function in organizations with a mandate for manufacturing, technology, tele-communications, etc. But what about organizations that serve individuals directly – like hospitals, health care, and education? Or even restaurants, retailers, beauty salons, and health and fitness programs? What about management consultants, trainers, facilitators, and coaches?

In your organization, do you have an R+D function or department? If not, where are ideas planted and nurtured until they bear fruit? What would someone do if they thought they had a good idea to share? Would they know where to go? What kind of reception would they receive? Is your organization following best practices, or leading out with new ones?

After you have thought about your answers to these questions, why not ask the people who work for you? And your customers? Do you see things the same way?

The Organizations Alive! model offers a structure for thinking through these questions. Ideas come from people (Membership Potential and Customer Service). And ideas can be about the possibilities for the future of the organization (Strategic Vision), as well as for taking immediate action to improve its inputs, throughputs, and outputs (Resource Management).

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