Bringing the Vision into Focus

by Jan Yuill

While driving along Richmond Road yesterday, I was thinking about my prescription sunglasses and wondered how long it would be before I needed another eye exam, … and how much I relied on them to see distances.

And then my metaphoric-self began to think of how much I had sharpened my vision in the past year in other ways. I downsized my home, making life more simple, economical, and pleasurable. And I began to say ‘no’ to the work I had been doing as an independent consultant for the past 10 years. These two decisions were a result of a more sharpened vision about what was important to me – my family and my work with Organizations Alive!

Although I can say that my Strategic Vision is clearer now, it is also more expansive and filled with greater potential. It’s as if this new ‘prescription’ has helped me to see more of what is on the horizon. The sharper the focus; the clearer the vision.