by Jan Yuill

At our Consultation Event with The Ottawa Food Bank on June 23rd, the question of ‘where innovation fits into the Organizations Alive! model’ was asked. (Thanks, Jen!)

Innovation comes from people, both the members of the organization (Membership Potential) and people who are served by the organization (Customer Service). And they apply their innovative ideas to the task of the organization, both in a speculative way (‘we could do this’) and a practical way (‘let’s do it now’) – i.e. Strategic Vision and Resource Management.

People need to be given the opportunity to apply their creativity to their work in organizations.

  • They need permission to experiment, to make mistakes, and to learn from imperfect ideas and outcomes.
  • They need time, resources, and a place to explore possibilities, to try things out, and to begin again.

Innovation is an inherent part of the Organizations Alive! model, and could be an everyday thing in organizations, but often the tension that is so necessary to create and innovate, becomes unresolved conflict.

When an organization is conscious of this tension, and manages it so that it generates new thinking and effective problem solving they become more successful. Using the Organizations Alive! model to understand the dynamics is one way of increasing consciousness.